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Some Place Like Home (Southern Awakenings #2)

Some Place Like Home (Southern Awakenings #2)

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Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pride & Company
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Three weeks of playing taxi shouldn't have him tied up in knots...

Everett says he owes Carver for his help with a recent case, but he's long been comfortable in the shadow of his unknown past. He doesn't need the former detective to search through his life for family. No sense in holding space for something he'll never get.

With his auto shop scraping by, Carver's back to bartending to pay the bills-and while he doesn't want to admit it, the perk of easy company is losing its shine. Too broke to refuse the work, he gets a tip about a sedan off the highway. But the man behind the wheel quickly becomes more than he bargained for.

Daniel Henning may look like some bumbling academic, but when he brushes off the dig dirt, the man is downright gorgeous. He's in town for three weeks and absolutely running from his baggage. Just like another college boy that Carver used to know.

Maybe he hasn't learned a thing if he's willing to make this mistake twice, but it's not just Daniel's talent with rope that keeps pulling Carver back in. Daniel looks at him like the best parts of what he lost. If they could each escape the weight of their past, might they have a future together?

Only more time will tell. But Carver's never been the kind to ask.