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Lydia the dragon man & The light: Volume one: Awakened to light

Lydia the dragon man & The light: Volume one: Awakened to light

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Publication Date: August 27th, 2023
Xulon Press
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Lydia the dragon man in the light it's about a young woman who always seeks out love, but along the way she finds herself in some trouble. She's always asking the Creator why?why? why? Are these things happening? The journey of being clashed and an inner turmoil between the darkness and the light. What will happen to dear Lydia as she faces people with unseemingly dragons behind them? What will happen is she gets to the wit's ends after so long of tragedies, the Lydia see the light or will she let darkness rien throughout her life. Hey everyone I'm Lisa. I'm a mother of four, I love to write, poetry, books, I work as a waitress, I was a former STNA, and I'm working on making my life better to be a good role model for my children to let them know that they too can achieve their dreams. I currently live in Alabama but I grew up in Lakewood Ohio with my family of five. I like music, poetry, reading my Bible and I like to read books of all kinds. You can say I was in a personal hell and the only way out was through the Lord Jesus and seeing how wonderful he is so I decided to write a book of my journey in the way in a fun way that was both a twist between fantasy and reality. I wanted to write a book that anybody could imagine themselves as a main character where they could see things from a different perspective so this book was a way I felt like I could honor God in a different way to help others get closer to God. You can find me on tiktok and Facebook all you have to do is search my name I have poetry and even a little clip for an advertisement for the book. So I hope you enjoy this little book that came from my heart and my experiences in a different way. And I hope that you guys are all having a blessed day because Jesus loves us all and we are all the same. I know God loves all of us even in our different ways.