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Astrology: An Enlightening Primer for Starry-Eyed Beginners (The Awakened Life)

Astrology: An Enlightening Primer for Starry-Eyed Beginners (The Awakened Life)

Current price: $19.99
Publication Date: June 9th, 2020


Become enlightened and find out how your stars align

When it comes to translating astrological signs and symbols into real-world wisdom, your ignorance is off the charts! But don't worry, things will start looking up once you've brushed up on the basics and learned how to interpret the stars. And The Awakened Life: Astrology will show you how!

This brand new edition offers a comprehensive history of astrology, instructions on how to interpret your birth chart, a reference guide for signs, planets, and houses, a unique breakdown of the concept of synastry, and even insightful tips on how astrology can help you with money and personal relationships!

Discover the signs, how they relate to one another, and how you can incorporate your newfound astrological knowledge into your everyday life!

About the Author

Madeline Gerwik is a professional, certified astrologer who specializes in business and personal astrology through her company, Polaris Business Guides, LLC, and is the publisher of The Good Timing Guide: Better Business Through Better Timing. She has served on two boards of the Washington State Astrological Association. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, astrological associations, and events. She lives in the Seattle area.